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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stephen Dwane.
Photos by Kyle Gorman.
Music and lyrics by Alps except Lights taken from a poem by Eilish O'Driscoll.


released April 25, 2015



all rights reserved


ALPS Ballina, Ireland

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Track Name: To Tell The Truth
How long did it take to come up with this?
Why should we pay for all your fuck ups?
We’re not addicted to your world
Times are tough, there’s no one left to blame
To tell the truth, it’s all the same to us
To tell the truth, nothing good will come from this
We’ll struggle on, it’s up to us
Lush is cheap, we stay for second orders
Talk is cheap, let’s have a lush
Times are tough, there’s no one left to blame
Talk is cheap, let’s all have a lush
Track Name: No Guarantees
Waiting to see
What time holds for me?
No guarantees
A minefield of uncertainty
Why does everything it always have to change?
How come sometimes some things can’t stay the same?
Time don’t wait for no man
All that remains
Is history, regrets and the mistakes
Nothing lost, nothing gained
No regrets have been framed
One man’s poison, another’s way out
Why did you leave it all up to me?
When I wait things go wrong
Heart skips a beat, mind follows suit
Fuck thinking about what was
I’ll stick my neck out and
Welcome change with open arms
Wait and see
Lost time, gained piece of mind
None of this was a lie
Track Name: Lights
The lights are gone dim
Darkness is invading
Sense of direction is failing
Frustration has me in her aim
How can I return to the place
Before the switch went off?
The place where just a miniscule of light
Has fed my weary mind and body
Memories remain
Time won’t heal the pain
Thoughts go on and on for so long
No resolution
Lost in confusion
Hope prolongs my will to be strong
Aid to the spirit
That endures my fight
My being needs to return
To return to the light
Track Name: Indfifferent
She has no second chances
A life of give not take
We’ve all agreed that we were wrong
How long does it take?
Whose choice is this?
Drag your heels, find others to blame
A headline for a week
Forgotten the next day
And all you do is pray
Whose choice is this?
How much difference does it make?
What difference does it make?
Track Name: The Plot Thickens
I think I’ve lost the plot
Walkin’ away was easy
Not until my mind closed in did I realise
What was wrong
What had gone
Doors never closed on friends
Never will
Is this it?
Think I lost the plot
I’m doing what they say
Never thought I’d be the one
To bow to every word
This is wrong
This is wrong
I should have known
I never had a plan
It’s all worked out so far
This will have to
Track Name: A Cut Above
Happy in your cage
Safety of the life you’ve made
Swallow all your thought
You think it makes you smart
You think it
Think it makes you
Do you think it makes you a cut above?
The master plan
To be a bigger man
It just makes you blind
You’ve left your life behind
So how goes your master plan
Are you still the bigger man
Do you think that somethings changed?
You’re still in your fucking cage!
Track Name: Punk Floyd
It’s the same three chords
So fuckin’ what?
We don’t have the answers
We just have the craic
I can’t hear you
I love this song
I hate Pink Floyd
Where did I go wrong?
You sewed a pocket
Onto your jacket
To carry around there albums